Hi Everyone! My name is Brandi Rowell and I am a stay at home wife and mother of two beautiful boys. I have been helping people achieve their fitness goals for many years now and I hope to be able to help you do the same! I love working out, trying new things and spending time with my family.

After the birth of my second son, my body was just not what It used to be. It seemed like no matter how healthy I ate or how much time I spent chasing after my boys, I just couldn’t shake those last 7 to 10lbs of baby weight.
Every time I looked in the mirror at my pooch, I became more and more depressed. This depression led to more time sitting on the couch eating junk food and feeling sorry for myself. One day out of the blue I received a Facebook message from an old friend of mine from high school. She invited me to learn more about Beachbody and that is the day my life changed!

After 30 days of the TurboFire program along with Shakeology I lost 5.2 lbs, 3.5″ off my waist, and 2.5” off my hips!!! And guess what? No more pooch in my stomach! I was so inspired by the results I started trying Insanity, Les Mills Combat, then 21 Day Fix. One year later I was in the best shape of my life and decided to become a beachbody coach. Guess what! I absolutely love it!

Since that time I have been able to connect with so many amazing people and change so many lives. Beachbody Coach Brandi Rowell

If you looking for the one of the HARD working Beachbody Coach  that will motivate you and be by your side through your ups and downs, then look no further! I am excited to connect with you and help you identify which workout program will work best for you based on YOUR Goals. Stick by my side and I guarantee you will see results in a short period of time.

I am here for you! Start by signing up for a FREE Team Beachbody account and let’s chat further! Feel free to call, email or or connect with me on Facebook

Whether you’ve questions about Beachbody programs, supplements, merchandise, Shakeology or becoming a coach, I’m here to listen and help support you on your journey!
Beachbody Coaching is VERY important to me. Let me be the one you can count on as you take your journey to a better you! I’ll be here every step of the way!

***UPDATE 23 Feb 2016

About a month and a half ago I shared with you all that I would be not be posting as regularly in my workout groups even though we were just beginning both my 21 Day Fix & Hammer and Chisel Challenge Groups. I ended up having to go to the ER from having some really intense stomach pain and bleeding overnight.To me and my husbands surprise, what we thought was a bad kidney stone ended up turning into a life changing experience. After getting blood taken and my stomach examined, we were surprised for the doctor to tell us that we were about two weeks pregnant. (We had been trying without success)

 Overwhelmed with excitement learning I would be a mother of three quickly turned to heartache because not even 5 minutes after getting this news we were told it was an ectopic pregnancy and that the baby would not survive since the egg got fertilized inside my fallopian tubes instead of my uterus. Due to the fact the baby was causing a blockage it began causing internal bleeding in my stomach. I ended up having to not only have our baby removed but my fallopian tube removed as well. All these things happened in less than 24 hours.
Going from having the most intense stomach pain I have ever experienced to learning I am pregnant to learning I would lose the pregnancy and have to get one of my tubes removed honestly created what I will probably always remember as the worst day of my life. Not to mention I was literally in the best shape of my life.
So where does that leave me now? Well to be honest the last several weeks have been really tough. It has been a roller coaster of ups and downs. I was restricted from lifting anything more than a gallon of milk, to anything to less than 10lbs for 6 weeks. As a Stay at home mom, lifting is a large part of the job description. I mean, not being able to pick up my kids was even more torture.  On top of that I couldn’t drive for the first few weeks and I was not allowed to be on my feet longer than a few minutes at a time.
Andddd considering I am a Beachbody Coach and my job is to be on my feet, to workout, to lift weights and to always be on the move connecting with people. You can only imagine how defeated I felt. Well since that time I have been counting down the days until my 6 week list of restrictions would be lifted.
Yesterday was my 6 week mark so the good news is I can start working out again (in moderation). Long story short, my life as I previously knew has been turned upside down in less than 24 hours.  For those of you reading this, I would like you to help support as my family and I try to piece our “normal” life back together. I am not talking support in a financial way, just some positive motivation as I try to get myself back in gear.
I am sharing this story with you not to get a pity party, but to help get it off my chest and also to let you know why you have not been hearing from me as much as you normally would. Even though this is one of the toughest things I have EVER had to deal with, I will NOT:
– Let it keep me from reaching my goals (mental,physical or spiritual)
– Define me as a person
– Keep me in a state of depression
– Use it as an excuse to be less than
I would be lying if I told you I am not still hurting or that I am over it, but I can tell you I will keep working towards moving through it and even though as a Coach I am usually the one that is supposed to be motivating you, you motivating me during this tough time would help me a lot!
THANK YOU IN ADVANCE and I can’t wait to get back to the daily grind!
If anyone is looking for a change in their life, you are welcome to join me. I have about 10lbs of unwanted weight gain and it is time to work it off!
-Coach Brandi Rowell
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