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How Can I Find A Beachbody Coach That’s Right For Me?

How To Find A Beachbody Coach

Ever wondered how can I find a Beachbody coach near me? One that is going to motivate me to workout, eat right and meet my fitness goals. If you have done some searching online you may have noticed their isn’t…
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Where To Find A 21 Day Fix Challenge Group

21 Day Fix Extreme Challenge group

21 Day Fix Challenge Group Ok so you either just purchased 21 Day Fix or you’re thinking about buying it, either way you have one problem. None of your friends or family is interested is doing the 21 Day Fix…
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How To Mix Shakeology- Say Good Bye To Clumps and Lumps

How To Mix Shakeology without a blender

Ok so, How to Mix Shakeology? If you have just purchased Shakeology, you may be wondering how do I mix it, and more specifically how to mix shakeology with water? How much water should I use? Can I mix it…
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