Why People Are Addicted To the 21 Day Fix Extreme- A Review

21 Day Fix Review Article

21 Day Fix Extreme Review

How many times have we avoided or failed our diet when it became too difficult to follow the hard and fast rules, or the thought of counting points filled you with nausea? It’s estimated that over 95 percent of people will set their sights on an ideal weight, but fail when their expectations are too high, or the dieting program is too difficult to follow along with. The 21 Day Fix Extreme produced by Autumn Calabrese aims to eliminate the confusion and struggle with her ridiculously simple plan and portion control system.

Why People Fail Their Diets

  1. Unrealistic expectations

Let’s face it, it seems we can’t turn a corner without being bombarded by the media, and how they think we should look. Photoshopped models are copied and pasted on the covers of the magazines on the shelves while in the checkout line, and don’t even get me started on the TV or internet. The point is these expectations fill our heads and we become deadset on them. But are they reasonable or realistic? The media would have you believe it is.

  1. Following a strict diet that doesn’t allow for treats

Most diets are extremely strict and may prohibit certain food groups or even foods. Brownie lovers, we’re talking to you. It might be possible to break up with certain food groups or avoid foods altogether, but after a week, you finally crack and binge on the bad influences.

  1. The diet is a short term fix- you have no intentions of changing permanently

You may have forced yourself to lose weight for a short term cause (a wedding, a part, etc.), but once the day has come and gone, you’ve returned to your old set ways. In order to be successful with your diet, you have to make lifestyle changes and not treat the diet as a short term fix.

  1. Impatience is a factor

The vast majority of diets will fail because the person in question is too impatient. They want instance results, or commercials fabricate lies to have their customers believe that the results can be achieved in as little as overnight. While any diet or product that claims to ‘burn’ the extra fat off in as little as a week should be avoided, we’ll discuss why the 21 day fix extreme is different below; but for now, keep in mind that it took a while to put the weight on, it’s going to take a while to take it back off again.

  1. Not thinking
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You might have started your day by mindlessly reaching for a 1,400 calorie-loaded Frappuccino and from there you decided your diet was a bust. Of course you convince yourself that since you’ve already screwed up, you might as well go ahead and have a slice of that supreme pizza that is sitting in the break room at work. From there, your diet just keeps spiraling downwards.

  1. Complete opposite- not thinking at all

On the opposite end of the spectrum you may be overthinking and may be paralyzed with fear as to what foods you can eat or how much. Dieters who follow a so called point system tend to experience this problem most frequently.

  1. Your metabolism is to blame

If you have a collection of diet programs sitting and collecting dust in your house, chances are you’re also a yo-yo dieter. Losing weight will not be easy for you because you’ve practically trained your body to store as much fat as possible in preparation for the next ‘famine’.

Why 21 Day Fix Extreme Is Different

One thing that sets this particular diet apart is the Shakeology shaker cup and the color coded containers; which completely eliminates days where counting and totaling points up for the foods you’ve consumed in a day. If you’ve already purchased and used the original 21 Day Fix diet program, you’re probably already accustomed to these containers.

So what’s so special about these containers? Since the majority of people will fail with their diets because they have no concept of portion control, Autumn designed these containers with folks like you in mind. You can put away your measuring cups and you don’t have to worry about carrying a special plate around with you everywhere you go. Over time, you’ll become accustomed at being able to eye an exact portion without the need for the containers. Until then, the containers are just there to train your eye and mind (and perhaps your stomach too).

Note: If you for whatever reason decide to go it alone without all the extra material, you can purchase the 21 day fix container’s kit on Amazon.com

If you are transitioning from the original 21 Day Fix diet, you’ll be surprised to learn that the new and improved program completely eliminates the whole “if it fits, it sits” mentality. Previously, Autumn allowed certain ‘alright’ foods such as waffles and pancakes, but only if it fit into the specified containers. The new program prohibits such foods and emphasis is placed on a clean eating mindset. This means that no treats are allowed; which is essential if you’re serious about losing weight.

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The containers are labeled as such and contain the following:

  • Green- Designated for veggies- 1 cup
  • Purple- Designated for fruits- 1 cup
  • Red- Designated for proteins- 3/4 cup
  • Yellow- Designated for starches and carbs- 1/2 cup
  • Blue- Designated for healthy fats and cheese 1/3 cup
  • (2) Orange- Designated for seeds and oils- 2 tbsp. allowable per container
  • Teaspoon- Designated for oils and nut butters- Note: the tsp. is not included due to the fact you’ll probably use the one that comes with your Shakeology products.
  • Blender/shaker bottle- for your protein shakes

For each container color, you’ll find the corresponding page in the Eating Plan pamphlet that tells you which foods belong to a particular group and how much you can consume.

Who 21 Day Extreme is for

Anyone who’s willing to see quick results (The program takes 21 days to complete), but you must follow through with action. Purchasing the diet plan package and then letting it sit on your kitchen countertop will not bring you closer to your health goals. Instead, the 21 Day Fix Extreme is meant for someone who is already experienced with fitness and probably already has a fitness regime already; they just need a tune-up or want to kick things up a notch. If you’ve already experienced some of the other Beachbody programs or are an athlete or gym buff, you’re probably set to tackle the 21 Day Fix Extreme Challenge.

Who 21 Day Extreme Is Not For

Anyone who’s looking for fast results but isn’t willing to follow through with action, will not be pleased with the results. Chances are you will fail and be disappointed. On another note, anyone who has lived a sedentary lifestyle and probably doesn’t know what a dumbbell is, will probably want to save this program for another day; a day where you’ve had time to adjust to a fitness regime (try starting with the original 21 Day Fix program and go from there).

What’s included?

  • 7 Workouts- split across 2 dvds
  • 7 color coded plastic containers plus one Shakeology shaker cup
  • A basic quick start guide
  • The 21 day fix extreme eating plan countdown to competition meal plan

What else do I need?

  • A resistance band up to 15lbs in strength (21DFX Beachbody pink band works well)
  • A yoga mat (easier on your joints)
  • Various pairs of dumbbells
  • A Pinterest account (not necessary, just makes it easier to find inspiration for recipes).
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Can Vegetarians Use This Plan?

Vegetarians want to experience dieting success too, but very few diets are created with vegetarians in mind. Will the 21 Day Fix Extreme work for them? Absolutely, you just will have to make some adjustments. For instance, instead of consuming meat products, you can use lentils, beans, and quinoa as your proteins (red container). For your Shakeology shake alternative, consider a Vegan Protein Powder instead.

Disadvantages- Can Be Challenging

  • Frequent advertisements for their Beachbody products at the beginning of every workout video
  • Cool downs could use more time
  • The eating plan is restrictive.
  • There are no cheats or no free days
  • The background exercisers are already fit and many already sport six packs. This may be discouraging for those who are just beginning. However it may be encouraging to see what you could eventually look like.

Advantages- Easy to follow

  • Proven results so long as you stick to the guidelines and follow through.
  • Portion control containers make it easy to eat without worrying about recording or keeping track of points.
  • 2 work out dvds- allows for you to do a different workout for everyday of the week without getting bored.
  • The guides are thorough and will help get you off on the right start without any un-necessary headaches or filler content.

Are there any guarantees?

All Beachbody products are backed with a 30 day money back guarantee.

The 21 Day Fix Extreme diet is ideal for those who need a perfected and proven system for losing weight and becoming toned. If you have a competition rounding the corner, or you just want to otherwise challenge yourself, Autumn has created the ideal diet plan for you. There’s also a separate pamphlet included for those of you who need to achieve competition worthy results in as short as time possible.

Overall, the diet is easy to follow due to the simplicity of the color coded containers which eliminates the guessing and headache of trying to guess how much foods you can consume. If you’re tired of carrying around a calorie counting booklet and dread totaling your food points for the day, give the 21 Day diet a chance; it’s guaranteed to shake up your world.

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